iClock 4.0.7 Free Download For Mac OS X

IClock is a menu-bar replacement for Apple’s default clock however with 100x features. Take your Apple or Google calendar at the menubar. Take time, date, and time in various fonts and colors in the menubar. Two types of calendars that will assist you view and easily edit your events and schedule. Global Praise helps you organize the time of a meeting to work for everybody no matter where in the world that they are.

iClock 4.0.7

iClock 4.0.7 Free Download For Mac OS X

Time app in the menubar’s aged and provides modern time management programs to boost productivity. IClock Free Download includes a drop-down menu of the current time/date in almost any city/timezone on earth. View time and date simultaneously in any format, font or color, instantly see Google or Apple calendar/events in the menubar, stopwatch, countdown clock, moon phase, floating clocks, local IP, date difference calculator, application menu, alarms, global scheduler and ‘Take 5’ (such as a Pomodoro timer) to remind you to have a break once in awhile as you work. With many more features which don’t get in the way but are still there if you need them. IClock Crack is an important, simple to use an efficient app for Mac OS. More information, video, and screenshots below.

iClock 4.0.7 Full Version Key Features:

  • See the day/date/time in the menubar in different fonts/colors/formats; customize it as you wish
  • See any cities or time zones you want and their local time at a glance in the drop-down Time Menu. Very handy
  • Application menu just like there used to be in System 9; on Intel Mac shows you which applications are running in Rosetta
  • Two types of calendars in the menubar and with a click on the desktop (tiny and jumbo) to help you see and easily edit your schedule and events
  • Alarms/timers that can be set in one click; never miss another appointment. With lots of appropriate sounds
  • Web info, stopwatch and countdown timer
  • Global Scheduler gives you a time-zone calculator that finds the best time to connect up the people in as many time zones as you want. Great visual aid for international businesses.

iClock 4.0.7 Full Version Key Features

What’s New Version 4.0.7:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.10 or later

  • [Added] Take 5, a Pomodoro or break timer – helps maintain work focus and a vital body
  • [Added] TinyAlarm added – set any alarm for any day with any info
  • [Added] TinyCal built in – now a tiny or jumbo calendar connected to Apple or Google calendar from your menu bar
  • [Added] Global scheduler for arranging to time of international conference calls/meetings

System Requirements:

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or later

Note: Pass For UnZipping/RaR is

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